Rostrvm Solutions Limited, the UK-based call centre software developer, has extended its ‘Switchless Call Centre‘ architecture to deliver low-cost, advanced call centre applications through a simple Voice over IP telephone.

rostrvm can now support advanced call centre functions and call information management without the need for PCs on the desktop.

rostrvm Switchless Call Centre uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the mechanism for controlling and managing calls and contacts. SIP is inherently flexible and is the key to the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre which can utilise the emerging range of SIP compliant desktop and mobile telephony devices.

“Essentially we have taken the ‘C’ out of CTI,” commented Simon Wellings, Managing Director, Rostrvm Solutions Limited. “By delivering and receiving information via the telephone we have removed the reliance on desktop computers, reduced the complexity and cut the cost of delivering advanced call centre applications.”

The usual technique for delivering and collecting information is through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), linking the call centre agent’s telephone and computer to pass data from one device to the other. CTI is powerful technology but the required high investment has previously been in a limiting factor for many operations; CTI has largely been the domain of the larger call centres.

Wellings continued, “Like all great ideas the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre is based on a simple concept – we take off-the-shelf Voice over IP (VoIP) components and enable them to deliver advanced call centre functions. Normal routers and VoIP gateways are combined with SIP telephones and the rostrvm application suite to provide sophisticated call centre capability at affordable prices.”