Rostrvm Solutions Limited has announced the latest addition to its portfolio, the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre™

The surge in Internet usage has led to the development of new technologies and applications that have a large impact upon the way in which call centres are built and operate. The vision of voice and data “convergence” is a reality.

The rostrvm Switchless Call Centre is a highly sophisticated contact delivery platform designed for new, ‘green field’ call centres and those based on traditional technologies migrating to a converged IP world.

Rostrvm Solutions’ patented ClipBoard® ensures a vendor independent environment. The rostrvm Switchless Call Centre utilises off the shelf, SIP-compliant VoIP routing hardware that is a fraction of the cost of traditional PBX and ACD platforms. With the Switchless Call Centre sophisticated contact management capability is now commercially viable in areas where cost has traditionally been prohibitive.

The Switchless Call Centre provides:

  • Automatic call distribution
  • Skills based routing
  • Intelligent Announcements
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Data Directed routing
  • Soft Phones
  • CTI screen-pop
  • Off-the-shelf integration with leading CRM applications
  • Voice and data transfer
  • Automated preview, progressive and predictive dialling
  • Multimedia Contact and task blending
  • Comprehensive, browser based management information

The rostrvm Switchless Call Centre uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the mechanism for establishing communications between the call centre and its customers. SIP has been designed from the ground up to work across the Internet and to inter-work easily with other Internet standards.

  • Because SIP was designed specifically for use across the Internet it has none of the baggage that goes with the alternative H.323 standards.
  • The way in which SIP has been designed makes it very flexible. It is this flexibility that is used to provide the different functions required in a fully integrated package.
  • SIP is widely used in third generation mobile networks and is a key building block in new mobile applications that will ultimately impact and benefit the call centre.

“Voice over IP is now a viable technology in the Call Centre,” commented Lindsay Brown, Technical Director, Rostrvm Solutions Limited, “and the wide adoption of the Session Internet Protocol in the mobile world opens up the potential for exciting new applications.”

Brown continued “For those operations seeking a competitive edge, the rostrvm Switchless Call Centre is both the solution for today’s call centre and the platform for tomorrow’s multimedia, mobile-enabled service enterprise”.