Salesforce and rostrvmrostrvm can be integrated with Salesforce to get the most out of your customer data with all the enterprise features of our call handling and contact centre software – it’s quick and easy to do using our standard connectors and desktop tools.

That means your agents and advisors will have instant access to your customer records and information via a screen pop right from the start of contact with an individual, whether you’re operating an inbound or outbound service. Your team will be able to provide a fast, efficient and personal service on the right channel and at the right time.

  • Use rostrvm and Salesforce for efficient outbound activities with structured campaigns for sales, renewals, collections and reminders.
  • Benefit from rostrvm’s capability to reduce queues of inbound traffic and use live Salesforce data to route contact to the right person every time.
  • Enjoy other rostrvm features such as multichannel contact management, desktop optimisation with rich dashboards and reports all integrated with Salesforce CRM.

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