contact_centre_multi_channel_managementSince we published our research into Desktop Applications & Social Media we have seen increased interest in multi-channel contact centre operations – integrating emails and social media with established telephone customer service.

We have sponsored ContactBabel’s report ”The Inner Circle Guide to Multichannel Customer Contact” which looks at customers’ and businesses’ attitudes toward usage of multi-channel interactions, and identifies the issues and potential pitfalls that businesses will face when trying to improve customer communications across channels. A copy of the report including Rostrvm Solutions’ opinion is available to registered site users here.

But despite a lot of talk and opinion we’ve struggled to find any simple tools to answer basic questions such as “How many contact centre agents do I need to deliver a good service level?” So we’ve created one and made it available to download from our web site. Simply log in with your Username and password.

[If you don’t have a Username then you can register here]. If you want to know about this free calculator tool we’ve prepared a short video.