rostrvm for outsourcersWe know that outsourcers face a particular set of challenges. As with all sectors the clients and customers are demanding but outsourcers have to balance the delivery of excellent call centre and contact services with the financial realities of business. For outsourcers it’s not just about the cost of servicing the contracts they’ve got, it’s also about the cost and financial risk of signing up new ones.

The rostrvm for Outsourcers package is tailored for the outsource market. It takes our years of experience in many and varied industry sectors to provide you with a capable, multi-campaign environment with a choice of flexible commercial frameworks that will meet your commercial needs.

  • Flexible Commercials – choose from a range of capex, opex, subscription and service based financial models that allow you to acquire our technology as and when you need it.
  • Multi-channel – providing your clients and your people with sophisticated inbound and outbound contact handling and self-service functions on a single platform that can support unlimited brands, campaigns and contracts.
  • Centralised Technology/Distributed Capability – allows you to implement best-practice private cloud architectures while providing your people and your clients with tailored capabilities that meet their specific needs on a location independent basis for maximum flexibility
  • Process Management – support your people with desktop tools to ensure processes and procedures are followed and information is gathered so you behave appropriately and effectively at all times.
  • Management Information – use tailored dashboards and reports to make your operational performance and business outcomes visible across your organisation and to your customers with tailored dashboards and reports that show what’s important to you in your language.

You can see what we do for our Outsource customers and other organisations here.

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