rostrvm for insurance

We’ve been working with insurance companies and brokers for many years and understand the challenges of effective customer contact in a competitive and regulated market. We know the value of being proactive in your sector and the dramatic affect properly implemented contact technology can have on policy acquisition, retention and customer service performance.

The rostrvm for Insurance package is tailored for the retail insurance sector. It takes our years of experience in the insurance sector to help you to deliver proactive, joined-up contact strategies that support your people with slick and efficient processes to drive the outcomes you want.

  • Retention & Acquisition – execute joined-up outbound campaigns using voice, email and text messaging to make sure that your existing customers stay with you while responding effectively to aggregator and web leads to increase conversion rates for the new ones.
  • Cross-sell & Up-sell – use your customer and policy data to tailor and target your messages to maximise revenue from existing policy holders.
  • Back-office Process – make policy administration effective and efficient by automating your contact processes in the back-office and make sure that your customers keep their promises to return forms, no-claims evidence, direct debit mandates and other important stuff.
  • Customer Service – complement your existing business systems with sophisticated contact routing and handling strategies that improve customer perception and service in effective and appropriate ways.
  • Management Information – use tailored dashboards and reports to make your operational performance and business outcomes visible across your organisation with tailored dashboards and reports that show what’s important to you in your language.

You can see what we do for our customers here – some of our insurance customers in particular are here.

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