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rostrvm for Housing

Rostrvm for Housing
for effective tenant engagement and collections management

Multichannel, intelligent software to make your contact centre more productive.

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    The rostrvm for Housing package is tailored for social landlords to attain their goals. It takes our years of experience in many industries to help you deliver proactive, joined-up contact strategies. You’ll be able to implement slick and efficient processes, which will support your people and achieve the outcomes you want. Hosted, on-site, cloud and more …

    The social housing sector is experiencing big changes. Welfare reform and the introduction of Universal Credit are bringing new financial challenges while tenant expectations continue to rise when it comes to customer service and engagement. Effective communications with tenants and efficient working practices have never been more important for housing associations and social landlords.


    • Rent Collection – improve collection rates and reduce arrears by engaging with tenants early and creating a dialogue from the outset.
    • Customer Service – complement your existing business systems with sophisticated contact routing and handling strategies that enhance tenant perception and customer service in appropriate ways.
    • Co-ordinated multichannel campaigns – solicit a response at every stage. For example, some people prefer text over phone when they’re low on credit. Our intelligent outbound dialler can initiate relevant calls and texts. It reaches contacts at the right time and in the right way, with the right message.
    • Appointment Management – reduce the “no shows” and late appointment cancellations that cost you time and money with automatic confirmations and reminders for gas boiler checks, repair visits, viewing appointments, etc.
    • Process Management – support your people with desktop tools to ensure processes and procedures are followed and information is gathered, so you’re compliant and effective.
    • Management Information – have access to all the performance management information you need, so you can do more with less. Tailored dashboards and reports will display what’s important to you, to make your operational performance and business outcomes visible across your organisation in your language.
    • Demonstrate due process – balance your business targets with your social responsibilities. Ensure procedures are followed and record every contact with our Ofcom and ICO compliant platform. It reports on all contact to support recovery action, duty of care and other legal requirements.
    • Our intuitive interfaces and dashboards are straightforward and easy to use.

     “We decided to implement an outbound dialler… we chose rostrvm for Housing, a cloud-hosted service, because they offered a good quality product and best value for money.”
    Jim Moore, IT Manager for Place, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

    rostrvm contact centre software is also utilised across many other industry sectors to great effect. It works with existing systems and provides business-focused, joined-up solutions that give cost savings and help you do more and optimise resources.

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