rostrvm for councilsIn recent years our Local Authority customers have been one of our most innovative and progressive groups when it comes to citizen contact and engagement. Motivated in-part by significant spending cuts and budgetary constraints they have adopted new approaches and technologies to great effect. Efficiency and effectiveness are now the watch-words in this sector.

The rostrvm for Councils package is tailored for Local Authorities. It takes our years of experience in many and varied industry sectors to provide a flexible and capable platform on which you can deliver proactive, joined-up contact strategies with slick and efficient working practices.

  • Multi-channel – providing citizens with a choice of contact methods that are handled in the most appropriate way by your people in a consistent and efficient manner.
  • Centralised Technology/Distributed Capability – allows you to implement best-practice private cloud architectures while providing your departments with tailored capabilities that meet their specific needs on a location independent basis.
  • Proactive Contact – use your CRM data to target and execute joined-up outbound campaigns using voice, email and text messaging to drive the outcomes you want, pre-empt problems and educate citizens to drive behavioural change.
  • Customer Service – complement your existing business systems with sophisticated contact routing and handling strategies that improve citizen perception and customer service in effective and appropriate ways.
  • Management Information – use tailored dashboards and reports to make your operational performance and business outcomes visible across your organisation with tailored dashboards and reports that show what’s important to you in your language.

You can see what we do for our customers here and Council customers in particular here.

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