optimised-outboundThe direct marketing industry contributes financially to the economy and UK call centres alone employ more than 1 million people. Direct marketing techniques are used by numerous companies to generate business and good campaigns can help consumers find the best deal and the most suitable product for their needs.

An outbound live marketing call is a cost effective option and with a dialler the cost per call drops significantly.

However, it’s vital to ensure diallers are used responsibly. In a Parliamentary debate on ‘Nuisance Calls’ held earlier this year, campaigner and MP for Edinburgh West, Mike Crockart, said that nuisance calls originate from a wide cross-section of industries. It seems that no sector is immune from being branded a ‘nuisance caller’.

Rostrvm Solutions can help ensure customers stay compliant and still reap decent rewards from their dialler campaigns.

Contact centres which continue with outbound campaigns with no controls, thinking that little fines are a small price to pay, are misguided. A trashed reputation is extremely difficult to repair and the consumer is becoming less forgiving and more vocal in complaint.

The right software will help contact centres meet specific regulatory needs with features like:  scripting, sophisticated redial rules, limits on the number of dialling attempts made in a campaign and voice recording control to support FSA & PCI needs.

Easy-to-use facilities can record ‘do-not-call’ requests and fine tune processes. Real-time information can be supplied for easy call monitoring and to maintain historical records of activity and a log of configuration changes. It’s also possible to cross check data with organisations such as the Telephone Preference Service as calling lists are loaded and/or updated during the course of a dialling campaign.

It’s important to address this now – tighter regulations are coming. Plans to hit companies profiting from nuisance calls and texts with fines costing hundreds of thousands of pounds are currently being considered by ministers.

Presently, nuisance calls generated from predictive dialling must cause ‘substantial stress’ or ‘substantial damage’ for the Information Commissioner’s Office to impose sanctions. The new rules are expected to lower the threshold required for the regulator to take action.

The Ministry of Justice has also just launched a consultation on whether firms that break Claims Management Regulation Unit rules should face fines of up to 20% of their annual turnover.

Major mobile phone operators have taken action as well; this month they have introduced controls on text spamming with the aim of rolling it out to nuisance calls. Mobile phone users can now report nuisance text messages by forwarding them to 7726, or ‘SPAM’, free-of-charge. This allows operators to analyse spam attack patterns, identify the sources of attacks and shut them down.

These types of sanction are not worth risking and can be easily avoided if the right steps are taken. Contact us to find out how the rostrvm predictive dialler can help you to gain decent rewards.