Red Kite Community Housing, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, are a tenant-led, not-for-profit, charitable housing association. They now have a blended, multichannel solution. They own and manage more than 6,500 homes in the Wycombe District.

Red Kite customers have an important role in making sure that the organisation remains truly tenant-led through everything that they do. Red Kite works in partnership with their customers to provide the best possible outcomes at all times.

The contact centre is the first port of call for customers and has to be ready to handle the full range of housing issues, from basic questions to very complex interactions. It now benefits from the flexibility provided by a rostrvm inbound and outbound blended, multichannel solution, integrated with CRM.

This includes:

Inbound contact handling, with intelligent queueing and multichannel ACD.
• An automated outbound dialling system for rental collections and reminders, which ensures tenants get the message and helps them to respond.
Integrated text messaging to improve customer choice and tenant engagement.
• Integration of calls, email, social media, web chat.
Call and contact recording for training and compliance purposes.
rostrvm performance management, ensuring real-time and historical visibility of operations, enabling the contact centre to be proactive, tailor reports, use dashboards etc.

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