In today’s tough marketplace how can contact centres implement a quality system that copes with the evolving needs of the business?

Fidessa group plc, a leading global supplier of trading systems, market data and connectivity solutions to firms involved in trading the world’s financial markets, needed a quality system for its Financial Trading Service desk. This delivers technical support and guidance to Fidessa’s global customer base and operates from multiple locations.

The challenge was to create a more efficient contact management environment for a service desk that has grown substantially over the past five years.

As a specialist service provider operating in the financial sector, Fidessa was naturally apprehensive about making changes to its systems.

David Bridge, Head of European Support at Fidessa, says: “We called on a number of technology suppliers to see what they could offer and chose Rostrvm because they could provide everything we needed at a very competitive and cost-effective price.”

Fidessa went for simplicity by choosing rostrvm CallDirectorACD in combination with rostrvm CallGuide.

The result has been that the service desk is able to maintain a high standard of professional communication with customers and the operation is much more efficient and streamlined. Contact volumes have risen as the business grows (the team received around 65,000 new calls over the last year) yet, because rostrvm provides skill-based routing, the service desk is solving more calls over the phone first time, saving costs on the number of call backs required and on the resources needed. Fidessa also gets fewer abandoned calls.

Business Support Manager, Liz Norcaro and her colleagues use rostrvm SuperVisor to monitor and manage activity. She says, “The browser-based facility supports real-time and real-time/historical reporting of call activity and business outcomes. I can use it wherever I am and it allows us to put reasonable guidelines in place. We can provide the team with the information and freedom needed to empower them to carry out their jobs efficiently and confidently.”

The department is using rostrvm in conjunction with a Numara FootPrints helpdesk system and is able to produce statistics to monitor the time taken to respond to customer calls and also to record any calls that should not have come into the technical support department. This is enabling Fidessa to see exactly where any changes need to be made to the operation as circumstances change.

Liz Norcaro adds, “At the risk of sounding clichéd, rostrvm really does do exactly what it says on the box and we are very excited about being able to use more and more of its functions over the coming months – its capabilities are there when we are ready to use them.”

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