Intelligent contact routing - Rostrvm SolutionsInteractive Voice Response (IVR) has been around for many years now and it can be really valuable support for both customers and the contact centre but the key is to ensure that it’s implemented well, designed around your customers’ needs and supports your specific business aims.

We offer IVR as an integral ‘out of the box’ element of intelligent contact routing, so it’s easy and quick to set up. And it fully integrates with everything you know about your customers and what’s happening in your contact centre right now.  For example if you know the caller is a repeat customer do you really need them to punch in their account number again? If there are agents available why not put them through to the department they spoke to last time? If you know that your centre is busy why not offer to call the customer back?

Why use an IVR?

The benefits of using Interactive Voice Response range from being able to route callers automatically to the most appropriate advisor, to reducing and even removing agent involvement. Customers will appreciate the flexibility and speed of being able to self-serve and there are the associated cost savings for the contact centre.

We offer a variety of options for intuitive IVR which can recognise customers and give them a fast and competent service. Our systems can be deployed on site or in the cloud and can integrate voice, web, social and mobile self-service.

Our IVR systems are fully compliant with regulations and completely secure, in order to handle sensitive customer information.

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