Barclaycard fined 50,000 pounds …Ofcom publishes updated guidance

There’s been lots of news from Ofcom over the past few weeks specifically related to outbound campaigns and predictive diallers. At the end of September Barclaycard was fined 50,000 pounds for for breaching Ofcom’s rules on silent and abandoned calls. 

And after a wait of several months Ofcom’s Revised statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service was published on the 10th September s (…at long last!) setting out its guidelines regarding abandoned and silent calls, as it relates to call centre diallers. 

This revised statement provides useful clarification of a number of areas that were previously open to interpretation, providing valuable guidance for outbound call centre operations. But we also recognise that the new element in the area of accounting for Answer Machine Detection ‘false positives’ requires careful consideration by predictive dialling operations on a case-by-case and campaign-by-campaign basis. In addition, the clarification that multi-site contact centres operating outbound campaigns from several locations may use aggregated data to calculate the abandoned call rate, could have an impact upon customers’ operational processes.

As a leading supplier of predictive diallers we have a key role to play in the education and training of dialler users towards compliant behaviour. We have already provided educational material such as our recently-published guide to planning outbound campaigns and offer advice through our consulting service, rostrvm Prophet. So if you don’t want Ofcom knocking on your door get in touch with us.

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