contact centre 2015The most popular areas of our web site are the Planning tools and the Rules of thumb. These sections deliver free advice for anyone planning to start a new contact service or enhance a call centre.

As the year has turned we’ve reflected on what information you looked for last year. In order of popularity (measured as page views) your top 10 customer contact topics were:

  1. How many ACD agents do I need?
  2. How many trunks do I need?
  3. How do I increase outbound campaign productivity?
  4. I need a call Centre calculator app
  5. How do I reduce abandoned calls?
  6. How do I manage performance in my back office?
  7. What performance gain will I get from a predictive dialler?
  8. How can call blending improve productivity?
  9. Building a multichannel contact centre
  10. How to integrate social media in the contact centre

So we see that our visitors are focussed on getting the basics right – calculating the staff numbers, sizing the technology and planning predictive dialler campaigns – whilst looking forward to channel shift issues and changing customer needs.


Top 10 contact centre topics


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If you need answers to your forward strategy questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.