What productivity gain will I get from a predictive dialler?

This is probably the question we are asked most often and is the most difficult to answer as there are so many variables; but the rule of thumb for predictive dialling used in a UK regulatory environment is:

Productivity will increase between 200% and 300% using a predictive dialler compared to undertaking the same activity without technology support.

When we suggest this productivity gain we mean that however you measure positive activity in your outbound contact centre you will see increases in performance.  For example in a manual dialling environment agents will typically be talking for 12 to 20 minutes in each hour – with a dialler talk time per hour typically increase to 40 minutes per hour. Similarly in a sales environment sales-per-hour will double or treble.

Our experience shows that most of the productivity gain arises from predictive dialler technology applying structure and management control to outbound contact campaigns.

Whilst the telephony process of dialling customers is an important factor the productivity differences between various dialling modes – preview, progressive and predictive – are relatively small. The big gains arise from powerful data and process management facilities.

Dialler functions that support targeted activity- such as list filters, redial rules and preferred call times – together with agent support tools to ensure that conversations are handled efficiently – yield the largest gains.

If your current manual outbound dialling is well organised than expect a dialler to double performance. If your current operation is unstructured

[for example agents choose to make calls from paper lists or a spreadsheet] then expect a 300% productivity gain.

Where can I get more information?

Of course like all ‘rules of thumb’ there are exceptions; there are circumstances where dialler productivity increases are much greater than 300%.

Tools for outbound contact management planning that allow you to look more closely at your environment are available in the Call Centre & Resource Planning section of our web site.

You can read more about our predictive dialler and outbound management software here. Or why not contact us?


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