A predictive dialler is a powerful tool for contacting customers and prospects. It is tempting to load your dialler with a list of numbers and start dialling over and over again until you make contact.

Less can lead to more.In many ways this technique certainly works – the chances of contacting a particular individual are increased if you keep on trying. But from the dialler campaign perspective repeated dialling can be wasteful – the ‘wait time’ between calls will be longer than it needs to be and consequently your cost per successful outcome is higher than it should be.

Predictive dialler campaign performance will improve if you dial less often. This seems counter-intuitive but if we assume that your campaigns are measured by business outcome such as sales-per-hour-per-agent or money-collected-per-hour-per-agent then dialling less often improves campaign performance.

Finding the right balance is one of the challenges facing outbound dialler users. Call less often and look at dialling more precisely. For example our paper on “Using intelligence from inbound communications to optimise dialling campaigns” gives you some ideas.

Where can I get more information?

Of course like all ‘rules of thumb’ there are exceptions. If you would like us to help you to work out your best strategy why not contact us?

Tools for outbound contact management planning that allow you to look more closely at your environment are available in the Call Centre & Resource Planning section of our web site.

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