Rules of thumb

Implementing a call centre from scratch or making changes and additions to an existing contact management operation requires careful thought and planning.

We frequently have conversations with customers along the following lines “I’m thinking about a new facility. Before I undertake the detailed planning I just need a rough idea about….”

Our “Contact Management Rules of Thumb” provide broad-brush answers  to Frequently Asked Questions based on a combination of mathematical analysis and empirical evidence from real-world users.  If you need specific advice that takes into account your circumstances then you should consider our consulting services.

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What productivity gain will I get from a predictive dialler?

This is probably the question we are asked most often and is the most difficult to answer as there are so many variables; but the rule of thumb for predictive dialling used in a UK regulatory environment is:

Productivity will increase between 200% and 300% using a predictive dialler compared to undertaking the same activity without technology support.

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How many trunks do I need for my inbound call centre?

The rule of thumb for calculating the number of trunks (telephone channels) needed in an inbound call centre is:

The number of trunks is equal to the number of concurrent agents active in the call centre multiplied by 1.2

But like all rules of thumb there are a few assumptions.

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How many ACD agents do I need?

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The rule of thumb for calculating the number of agents needed in an inbound call centre is:

The required number of agents is roughly ( the number of calls expected per hour) multiplied by (the average number of seconds it takes to handle each call) divided by 3200

But if you think that looks complicated – this is a really rough approximation.

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How do I enhance predictive dialler performance?

A predictive dialler is a powerful tool for contacting customers and prospects. It is tempting to load your dialler with a list of numbers and start dialling over and over again until you make contact.

In many ways this technique certainly works- the chances of contacting a particular individual are increased if you keep on trying. But from the dialler campaign perspective repeated dialling can be wasteful – the ‘wait time’ between calls will be longer than it needs to be and consequently your cost per successful outcome is higher than it should be.

Predictive dialler campaign performance will improve if you dial less often.

Call less often and look at dialling more precisely.

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Please note that this website is not offering specific advice based on your circumstances. We aim to provide you with information based upon our general contact and process management experience. If you are unsure about any information provided here please contact us for advice.