The latest edition of Rostrvm Solutions’ planning guide for outbound call centre campaigns has been published. This third edition has been updated following the issue of revised guidelines on the use of automated dialling from Ofcom and subsequent regulatory activity.

Predictive dialer

Planning Guide

We believe this guide is necessary primarily because it is still not widely understood that the dynamics of an outbound call centre are fundamentally different from an inbound operation.  So to maximise your chances of success, the planning, implementation and execution need to take these very different dynamics into account.  This point really is worth driving home:  fail to understand these different dynamics – and however much planning you do – you will plan to fail.

The myriad of regulation that surrounds predictive dialer technology and  outbound campaigns also present a potential minefield; but remember the legislation is there to protect consumers and so it is in your interests to comply with it!

The updated guide and other call centre planning tools are available to logged in users from the Rostrvm Solutions web site here