Making outbound contact to collect money and support customers can be difficult, especially with limited resources. A next generation, outbound dialler can help you engage compliantly, proactively and get results, without vastly increasing your workforce.

Powerful outbound contact that gets results

For example, only this week the news was that many tenants on Universal Credit now have greater rent arrears than those on housing benefit*.

Powerful outbound dialler contact that gets resultsWe’ve been working with several housing associations and related businesses for some years now and have helped them to tackle the impact of Universal Credit and mitigate its effects successfully with effective tenant contact. These include Midland Heart, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council. Take a look at our case studies for details.

rostrvm enterprise contact management and tenant engagement software complements existing business systems with sophisticated contact routing and handling strategies. These enhance tenant perception and customer service in appropriate ways.

Using Precision Contact with our next generation outbound dialler will maximise data yield and contact rates. It gives you the optimum chance of contacting your customers because you make contact:

• At the right time.
• To the right place.
• With the right message.
• Across the most appropriate channel.
• Matching the right agent skills to each call.

rostrvm integrated capability increases collection rates and reduces arrears by engaging with tenants early and creating a dialogue from the outset.  It enables you to meet customers where they are and take them to where you want them to be. For example, a ‘Rejected’ call outcome can let you know if a customer has rejected your call so that you can choose to switch channels to text or email and communicate with them better.

Use a dialler for simple transactions like appointment, renewal and payment reminders. Midland Heart, for example, uses its dialler to save a phenomenal amount of money in rental collections and has a rostrvm text messaging system for appointment reminders and confirmations. Automated outbound voice campaigns ensure people get the message and help them to respond.

Our powerful Process Management tools support your people with desktop prompts to ensure procedures are followed and the correct information is gathered, so you’re compliant and effective. Performance management features include the ability to record payment information and analyse it on your secure database.

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*Source: BBC