Our outbound dialler helps businesses stay compliant by ensuring a structured approach to calling. This is vital, especially since the Government has just amended the rules in a fresh crackdown on nuisance calls.

Rostrvm outbound dialler

Our outbound dialler supports best practice and compliance

rostrvm outbound dialler supports complianceThe Government has announced an amendment to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), so that companies making cold calls about PPI compensation or personal injury claims will only be allowed to contact people who have opted in to receive the calls.

Under the new rules, consumers have the choice to opt in to receive cold calls on PPI and personal injury claims. Callers can only contact them if they’ve got this consent. Previously people had to opt out of receiving these calls by registering with the free Telephone Preference Service (TPS), or by withdrawing their consent while actually on the call.

Claims contact centres are now required to make checks to ensure they have the recipient’s consent before calling. Claims management companies breaching the rules could be fined as much as £500,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The new measures apply to phone calls only – not texts or emails.

Individuals will be able to opt in by consenting to be contacted by claims companies when enquiring about settling a claim or when seeking claims advice.

Businesses should ensure they follow the new rules – just this year a Wales-registered claims firm was fined £250,000 for making over 15 million nuisance calls about PPI.

rostrvm outbound dialler hosted on-site or in the cloud
Peter Brown of Rostrvm Solutions said, “These new measures, sitting alongside the Data Protection Act and GDPR, mean contact centres must ensure their outbound calls are based on up-to-date information to be compliant. Our outbound dialler supports best practice and compliant operations.”

rostrvm outbound dialler applies structure to outbound campaigns using powerful data and process management facilities, including list filters, dialling rules and call times.

You can choose to deploy our hosted dialler on-site or use a cloud dialler. It will help you stretch resources by shouldering some of the workload on areas like sales, making appointments, delivering reminders or self-service links for your website. Your staff can then focus on key tasks and productivity gains can be substantial.

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Read the Government information here.