Our Next Generation dialler helps ensure that your outbound contact centre’s dialling strategies comply with the latest regulations, without negatively impacting contact rates.

Ongoing outbound contact centre compliance

Outbound contactThis is important because the ICO and Ofcom intend to continue their strategic approach to combatting nuisance calls and messages, including taking targeted enforcement action.




The latest update on the ICO-Ofcom joint action plan to tackle nuisance calls and messages* states that the total complaints made to them about nuisance calls have fallen for the third year in a row. They say this justifies their punitive strategy against offenders in outbound contact centres.

As well as punishing organisations, the ICO has recently introduced measures to target the senior officers and directors behind the companies making nuisance calls – and Ofcom has implemented new CLI requirements and number withdrawal powers.

Of course, the vast majority of outbound contact centres are not in the category of rogue offenders. But, if you don’t have a next generation dialler, you might think you’re complying but human error can creep in.

Even on a smaller scale, you might get caught out by dialling a customer who is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) for example. They will react with irritation if contacted by mistake and, as well as the negative experience for customer (and advisor!) it won’t do your reputation any good.

To help ensure compliance our outbound dialling services automatically contact the correct people. Our Next Generation dialler uses your data to dial with more precision, to prevent endless re-dials to the same number with the associated risks, wasted time and effort.

Precision Dialling technology enables inbound requests for contact such as emails, tweets and chats to be fed into the dialler to deliver a fast, personal response.


• At the right time.
• To the right place.
• With the right message.
• Across multiple channels.
• Matching the right agent skills to each call.

Our Next Generation dialler uses Precision Dialling multichannel to personalise customer contact, maximise data yield and support advisors in being efficient. It integrates with the rest of your technology and allows you to blend.

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*Source: Update to ICO-Ofcom joint action plan