Have you noticed how everybody’s talking about omnichannel? It’s a big buzzword at the moment in the contact centre industry.

This is because whereas many businesses are beginning to offer multichannel communications for customers, they tend to be provided as separate channels (you’ve no doubt heard the buzzword for this too -‘in silos’). The result is that contact centres without joined-up systems are scrabbling around trying to find the correct information and provide a seamless service to their customers and failing miserably. Customers looking to achieve their aim fast using multichannel are not surprisingly disappointed by this.

This is where omnichannel comes in. It’s about integrating all channels to ensure a smooth, consistent customer experience, not running them in silos.

It also means giving customers the choice to contact you in their chosen channel – email, phone, webchat, Twitter etc. – but having the right systems to reply efficiently. Omnichannel enables you to deal with the enquiry in the channel which is most effective for both the contact centre and the customer – which is often the phone!

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