The importance of recording telephone calls for compliance and quality monitoring purposes is well understood. But in today’s multichannel contact centre a ‘conversation’ can meander from one medium to another – web chat to email to telephone call and back again, making it harder to record.

We’ve enhanced our recording system rostrvm AuditLog to capture  contact on every channel, breaking down channel silos and giving you a caller-centric view with full access to the detail behind each step of the journey.

rostrvm AuditLog is tightly integrated with our rostrvm CallGuide scripting and process control application. There are points in calls where recording needs to be turned off – for example when capturing sensitive data such as payment information.

rostrvm AuditLog is a server-based contact recording system which is an integral part of the rostrvm Invex product suite. It’s fully integrated with the rostrvm Management Information database to provide flexible access to records for retrieval, playback and quality scoring.