Nottinghamshire County Council has has been successfully using rostrvm  in its customer service centre (CSC) since 2009. The number of services delivered to its customers has increased dramatically and the Council needed to extend call handling capabilities into other departments to maintain productivity and efficiency.

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rostrvm‘s platform independence meant that rolling out a solution to other departments was straightforward for them And the  rostrvm suite has the functions and flexibility to handle calls in different work environments, as well as the more formal call centre setting.

Nottinghamshire County Council is now able to route calls to some 162 agents in the Customer Service Centre, the Council’s Business Support Centre and its internal ICT Service desks – and provide them with appropriate call handling support.  IVR has allowed them to have dedicated teams who are trained to handle specific calls. Working in this way has halved induction times and improved the quality of responses to customers.

Managers can also monitor their teams’ performance using meaningful statistics from a configurable real time and historic MIS.

The Council now has:

  • a consistent approach to call handling for both internal and external customers.
  • a shared knowledge across the authority of the rostrvm software and how to use it, rather than having multiple, complicated in-house systems.
  • access to data for analysis, to forecast demand and review performance.

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