Download what’s new in rostrvm 10

Rostrvm Solutions has been implementing customer contact solutions for 30 years. In that time we have seen clients’ needs change to accommodate ever increasing customer service expectations.  Our flexible, robust applications allow our clients to work profitably, productively, efficiently and with accountability.

Customer contact has changed; whilst the contact centre remains as the foundation of customer communication the underlying process management and measurement has extended beyond the contact centre  to all contact points – in the back office, the ‘informal’ contact centre and customer-facing staff everywhere.

rostrvm 10 extends our contact  support tools from the PC in the call centre to the new devices used by your teams – tablets, mobile phones and any device that supports a browser.

Customer contact is just the start of the business process; a customer interaction leads to other business activities; to gain a joined-up picture of the customer experience and your effectiveness the way you measure customer contact performance needs to be integrated with all functional areas.

rostrvm 10 introduces a new management information system that extends the available information and makes it even easier to join contact performance data with business data.

Download what’s new in rostrvm 10

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