A new financial service benchmark report shows the industry is missing out on online sales opportunities by failing to provide online visitors with easy access to human contact. The mystery shopper research, commissioned by Rostrvm Solutions, reveals that while 92% of financial services clearly display a telephone  number, just 14% provide a Call Me Back facility and a tiny 3% offer a Live Chat instant messenger option.

The mystery shopper looked at the web sites of more than 100 financial services providers spanning mortgages, personal pensions, insurance and loan products. It investigated out how easy it is for consumers to instigate a telephone or live chat conversation with brands while they are online; in particular the research focused on the availability and reliability of Call Me Back features, which allow online visitors to request a call back from a call centre agent at a time and date of their choice.

Rostrvm Solutions has published the research in a benchmark industryreport available for download at https://www.rostrvm.com/fst.php