Multichannel inbound contact centre software

Trust Rostrvm to provide sensible, practical solutions for your multichannel inbound contact centre.

Channel it!

Don’t run your channels in silos –it’s worth investing in contact centre software which enables you to integrate them so that you can see and work on each channel in one place. This avoids staff making errors because they’re switching between piecemeal apps and it also provides customers with a seamless, faster service.

Servicing multichannel customers in your inbound contact centre doesn’t mean you have to stay on the channel they choose to contact you on – use channel shift to meet them where they are and take them to where you want them to be. For example, to reduce your inbound queue, use Interactive Voice Messaging to tell them how to find an answer on your website or, if they send you an email, utilise dialler technology to call them back and add that personal touch.

Know your agents

For a productive, blended contact centre where staff can be switched between duties according to how busy it is, ensure training is given so that they’re confident in their roles. Agents who are great talking on the ‘phone to customers aren’t always skilled typists for dealing with written contact and vice versa. You’d think this would be obvious but you’d be surprised how often this happens! Customer satisfaction depends upon getting it right.

In training, use the benefits of our call recording facility, which enables you to play back calls, emails, text messages and web chat to see where improvements could be made. We offer screen recording too, so that you can review contact there as well.

When you really know your staff you can also take full advantage of intelligent contact routing, so customers are directed to the best person to help them and aren’t passed around the inbound contact centre, regardless of the channels they use.

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