Channel shift - Rostrvm SolutionsYour contact centre’s purpose has changed from transactional activity to one where your customers can contact you for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of communication channels – you can talk to your clients on the phone, by email, text message, chat, social media … the list goes on.

Answering email with email is costly

[typing takes longer than talking] and email is a poor medium when you measure your operation’s first contact resolution and customer satisfaction. And the same applies to other text-based channels such as social media.

The answer is often to shift the channel back to the telephone. If your client writes to you with a complex question then the most effective customer service response is to pick up the phone and talk Responding quickly is important as today’s smart-phone users have email in their pockets and expect fast responses – otherwise they will use their phone to call you and compound your service level challenges.

Diallers in contact centres used to be about mass contact – for example using a predictive dialler to support debt collection. Today’s precision dialling technology means that requests for contact such as emails, tweets and chats can be fed into the dialler to deliver a fast, personal response to customers whilst managing and monitoring your most important resource – your agents.

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