Using web chat as part of a multichannel contact strategy improves customer satisfaction, particularly when it links seamlessly to assisted service. It can increase online sales by helping consumers resolve queries on products and delivery, as well as technical questions arising from the checkout process. It also makes it possible to reduce the use of more expensive contact channels.

rostrvm web chat software provides an easy way to integrate this channel into your contact centre alongside other communication streams.

Our tips for web chat success

Be clear on what you can do with web chat.

  • Web chats can take much longer than voice interactions and there are times when customers prefer the phone. A transaction that started on web chat may need to be transferred for progression if it’s a detailed support enquiry or a complex sales issue, so make it easy to seamlessly transfer to phone.

Integrate web chat – and all other channels – with the contact centre.

  • Customers now expect agents to be able to deliver effective service omnichannel. To do this they must have access to an uncluttered desktop interface which shows a complete, single view of each customer and the context of their interaction.
  • Ensure your CRM and other back office systems enable agents to do their job.

Maximise productivity by blending.

  • To prevent customers being passed around the contact centre – and long queues – train staff to help with multiple query types across different channels. As well as increasing first call resolution rates, agents will appreciate the variety and being able to deal with enquiries in entirety.
  • Using a unfied desktop solution will help them answer questions, as will template responses.
  • Multi-skilled agents also provide the centre with the opportunity to blend, taking staff off one campaign and using them on other tasks to optimise productivity.

End-to-end reporting.

  • Web chat conversations should be recorded, indexed and stored alongside your telephone conversations  for easy access. You can then use this intelligence to identify and address issues and improve the customer experience, as well as prepare future outbound and inbound campaigns.