As the effects of the economic climate continue to be felt in industry, most businesses are being forced to adapt the way they operate to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

When organisations are being squeezed in every area, greater visibility of how every department performs will equip managers to better understand what resources are required to achieve certain business outcomes.
Headline findings

  • 70% of call centres rely on back office teams to complete customer transactions
  • Over 40% of back office activity isn’t measured
  • 2 out 3 of call centres use 3 or more applications at the agent desktop
  • In the public sector 17% of call centres use CTI

Desktop optimisation technology offers many advantages in call handling and back office environments; it integrates many of the applications which your teams typically use to process a transaction providing a single interface, removing repetitive data handling, reducing errors and supporting business processes. By adopting this technology, organisations can reduce avoidable contact, workload and ultimately costs.

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