Got a phone? Then you can have a fully functional call centre….

The stereotypical image of  a call centre visualises rows of oppressed staff yoked to a desk handling one customer’s needs after another. In reality this image is far from the truth.

Every business needs to communicate with its customers and every business needs processes to ensure customer communication is managed properly, tools so that contact is handled efficiently together with the feedback to measure performance and business outcomes.

So whilst every business needs the process, performance and information used in call centres the nature of call centres has changed. In ‘traditional’ call centres, customer service staff would be entirely focussed upon dealing with customer contacts. In the new environment the specialists who deal with complex customer enquiries often have multi-faceted job roles; handling customer enquiries is just one task in a busy day.

To revolutionise customer service, the enterprise needs to capture, manage and measure all available resources to support contact handling, the sales office, the back office, and even staff out in the field.

rostrvm delivers the tools to bring the disciplines and technologies available in the formal call centre to this informal enterprise-wide contact management environment.

  • Skills based routing to deliver telephone calls to the right place at the right time
  • Ensuring that emails are passed to the team that can properly respond
  • Responding to web enquiries
  • Support tools including process scripts
  • Managing and monitoring performance – how well are we servicing our customers? How many sales do we make? Who makes the sales? Who is answering queries most effectively?
  • Keeping your promises to get back to customers

The rostrvm informal call centre delivers the functions of a ‘traditional’ call centre to deliver calls and contacts to the best person, but recognises that the ‘best’ person may be busy doing other things.  

For example, the ‘best’ person may be in the middle of an ad-hoc meeting with a colleague. If the ‘best’ doesn’t answer the call will be sent to the next best person and so on.

Conversely in a smaller operation everyone may be able to handle all calls, but you may not be worried about traditional call distribution (such as the next call going to the longest available agent). In this case the call is offered to everyone and the first person to answer gets the call. rostrvm’s flexibility means that you can mix-and-match call handling to meet the unique needs of your business.

rostrvm uses SIP Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to extend formal call centre structures to the new informal contact centre ensuring that you can manage, measure and plan customer interaction whilst optimising your enterprise resources.

Our SIP- based ‘informal call centre’ platform means that, no matter what telephone infrastructure you use then, as long as you have a phone, you can have professional call centre benefits without being a call centre.

If you would like to learn more about how rostrvm call centre software can transform your customer service simply contact us to arrange a free consultation.