Midland Heart is a leading UK housing, care and support business, providing 33,000 high quality affordable homes to over 70,000 customers.

The organisation talked to Rostrvm Solutions about ways to tackle the impact of Universal Credit as it wanted to act early to mitigate the effects on customers.

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Gary Hardy, Head of Income, Allocations, Property Sales and Tenancy Standards at Midland Heart, explains the background to this issue: “We needed to ensure that our customers have the right support as we switch to Universal Credit.

“Customers have to be engaged with a payment culture and receive education on this new way of receiving benefits, without the need for us to vastly increase the size of our workforce.”

The rostrvm for Housing technology is now successfully operating within the organisation, supporting customers and maximising rental income.

Midland Heart benefits from:

  • An automated outbound dialing system for rental collections and reminders
  • A text messaging system for appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Automated outbound voice campaigns to ensure people get the message and help them to respond
  • Ability to record payment information and analyse it on the rostrvm database.

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