As part of its continued growth Rostrvm Solutions is pleased to welcome Matt Ryan to its Support team.

Matt is well experienced in the wide range of support issues, having worked previously in the telecoms industry for 12 years, helping large-scale international businesses and supporting their infrastructures. This knowledge enables him to get to the heart of problems quickly and resolve them.

Matt has a solid background in the contact centre arena and the technologies that underpin it; how it all integrates and the protocols that make it work efficiently.

He says, “My role at Rostrvm is to ensure customers can operate more smoothly and deal with any technical issues promptly that might arise. My experience helps me to identify the source of the problem quickly – whether it be network, gateways … one of the most common but resolvable challenges is the contact centre’s underlying infrastructure, which can impact the service delivery greatly.”

Matt’s knowledge of technical and operational elements originates from when he worked in the RAF on UK air defence, involved on real-time operations and monitoring infrared, radar and data links coverage. He went on to gain a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) qualification and moved to a technical role at Cable & Wireless (now Vodafone). He also has an HNC in Business Information Technology.

He says of his recent move to Rostrvm, “I can really build relationships with customers here because, unlike bigger companies which are often hampered by their size and bureaucracy, Rostrvm is flexible and has a ‘can do’ attitude. If I get asked a question, it’s very easy to discuss it with the right colleagues in the office to get the solution fast. I don’t have to wait on people in another location or third-party decisions. Being able to progress things fast is very rewarding for both me and customers.”

Mike Boyle of Rostrvm said, “We’re delighted to have Matt here in support of our diverse range of customers. He has the knowledge to not only solve issues but also use the flexibility of the rostrvm suite to best advantage and help them meet and exceed their business objectives.”

You can learn more about our support services here