Continuing our  series of blogs looking at how customers’ lives can be made easy using all areas of the contact centre, including Inbound, Outbound, Desktop Optimisation and Managing Performance.

Save customers from ‘repeat street’ and being passed around the contact centre.

Have a well-programmed multi channel ACD to route them to the right person. This is also valuable for routing calls to remote workers, for example those working from home during adverse weather, and ensures continuity for both you and the customer.

A decent agent desktop that provides staff with a single view of each customer and their history.

This is crucial for busy contact centres. It can only be achieved properly by harnessing your data (be it email, address, phone number etc.) and then creating a single customer view. This should be made available to all relevant staff company-wide.

Use contact data to provide customer insights, so your contact centre can offer a personalised, effective and consistent customer experience. For example, a properly updated CRM will ensure that you fulfil any promises to call a customer back at the right time.

Don’t make customers wait. Blend advisors during peak times to optimise resources.

For example, if there are more inbound than outbound calls, swap some of your outbound advisors to deal with inbound so that callers get a faster response. If a channel can be deferred, such as email, handle those activities during inbound troughs

Use the flexibility of multichannel contact.

Ensure you manage multimedia contact in a single universal queue rather than advisors having to jump between disparate, piecemeal systems. This removes the risk of making mistakes, aids compliance, speeds performance up greatly and ensures a seamless customer experience.