Today’s consumer has a wide choice of channels to learn about products and services with the internet becoming a dominant first-point-of-contact for information. But when the customer wants to learn more there is no substitute for person-to-person contact.

For several years the rostrvm call centre application suite has incorporated facilities to link web contact such as forms, call me buttons and interactive quotation applications to the call centre. These links deliver the information the customer has provided on the web to the call centre agent and rostrvm automatically calls the customer. The agent is armed with relevant information and the call is made productively.

Until now this integration has been specifically configured for each call centre’s web site and call centre application. In order to reduce the complexity rostrvm has introduced a simple POST/GET interface. The new facility allows web sites to submit a call request directly to the call centre system. This request also contains the information the call centre agent needs to handle the request.

Ken Reid, Marketing Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented “This new development is another step in our strategic support for unified multimedia contact. In recent years the call centre’s purpose has changed from simple transactional activity to an environment where your customers can make contact for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of media. Our approach is to provide unified multimedia support to the call centre and deliver proactive support to the business to efficiently manage multiple contact points.”