Kevin Hine has joined Rostrvm Solutions as a Software Engineer. In light of his extensive call centre experience we asked him why he chose to work with Rostrvm and what customers can expect.

How long have you been working in the call centre industry?

I have been involved in the industry for over a decade, particularly in the areas of developing and supporting systems.

You had the opportunity to work with other companies, why did you choose Rostrvm?

For their knowledge and the way they work. For example, in the area of software applications for the call centre and back office, Rostrvm Solutions believes that communication with the supplier should start early and it should not be a case of ‘one size fits all’, off the shelf, when it comes to product. The system needs to be flexible to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Contact centre software is an investment for both parties and time and money will be saved by talking to someone who is prepared to really get inside how your company ticks. Rostrvm will gain a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s needs and their work environment and, because of their knowledge, can engineer the most effective solution in the most painless way.

It may sound clichéd but Rostrvm really do know what they are talking about, having been in the industry since its inception. They are a breath of fresh air because they are passionate about developing products to be both robust and totally relevant to each customer – it’s not all about revenue.

What are the main aims of your role?

I work with a team of engineers and focus on developing the ‘front end’ of the product which the client sees. Having experience in both professional services and engineering enables me to choose the right technologies to engineer products that are functional and future-proof.

The way that pages on the internet look and how you interact with them evolves very quickly – often over a matter of months – so it’s about updating software to meet customer needs and expectations, whilst maintaining consistency. We are constantly improving the technology to make it tighter, even more integrated and pertinent for each customer.

What would you say to a customer who is nervous about installing software?

A big plus for customers is that, once the system is installed, after sales support is readily available. Elsewhere, customers are often trained on the basics and then left to get on with it. The trouble with that is that the customer usually has more questions later on, or someone new starts; Rostrvm provides a true support service so that the customer continues to have a system that they understand and in which they can therefore have confidence. At Rostrvm it’s all about communication – even the engineers are approachable and ready to help!

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