Think of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and you probably think about screen popping IT systems and automated dialling. And you might also think CTI is a complex system development. Rostrvm Solutions’ new Java toolbar provides easily-deployable standard call centre CTI functions and more.

The rostrvm Java Toolbar provides screen based call and data control via a graphical user interface embedded in another Java application, or in a web page as a Java applet.

The Java toolbar goes beyond standard call centre CTI functions such as proactively presenting call centre agents with information from IT systems and automatically dialling numbers. The application also:

  • Controls telephone activity such as answering, holding and transferring calls delivering easy call management for the agent.
  • Allows data to be transferred with calls via rostrvm’s patented CLIPboard mechanism ensuring that callers don’t need to repeat information
  • Links to rostrvm’s Directory Services to support easy dialling
  • Records agent activity allowing the call centre manager to monitor individual and team performance
  • Captures business-based call outcome information for reporting through rostrvm Supervisor management information. Managers can easily and instantly see the call centre’s business benefit.

Lindsay Brown, Technical Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented “We have been enhancing call centre productivity with Computer Telephone Integration for over 21 years. This Java toolbar is the latest in a long line of developments to make call centre CTI easy to deploy so that all call centres can achieve optimum operational performance”