Is income the heart of your organisation?

rostrvm for Housing is a proactive contact solution specifically for the Housing sector to address the financial challenges created by Universal Credit (UC)

  • Rising rent arrears with collection rates dropping to below 80%
  • Increasing bad debt impacting your credit rating and status with lenders
  • More evictions with the associated void management and re-letting costs
  • At least twice the workload for your income management teams

The Department of Work & Pensions Learning Demonstrations have shown that proactive communication is vital to inform, educate and support tenants and shows that landlord contact with tenants must increase by 300-400% just to maintain the current position.

The cost of tripling your headcount to meet the UC challenge is significant and in most cases simply not viable. So, we’ve created rostrvm for Housing to provide a cost effective alternative.

rostrvm for Housing uses the information you already have to actually make proactive contact with your tenants in a sensitive, structured and well managed way.

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