Interactive Voice Messaging

Interactive Voice Messaging 2017-11-08T17:34:23+00:00

One of the central challenges for outbound campaigns is making contact with your audience at a time that suits them.

Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) complements live agent contact strategies – such as predictive dialler campaigns – with an automated message inviting the recipient to enter into conversation. If ‘now’ isn’t convenient than they can call back later.

Of course it’s important that this technology is used properly and provides genuine benefit to you and the people you are calling. IVM improves efficiency and effectiveness for the contact centre and can provide a convenient reminder of important information such as a missed payment or an overdue renewal.

Interactive voice messaging is an integral component of rostrvm OutBound multichannel contact management which also includes

  • Predictive dialler
  • Progressive dialler
  • Preview dialler
  • Text messaging
  • Email management