Inbound and outbound contact centreUsing automated technology to reduce the inbound and outbound work load, optimise your contact centre and please customers (and staff) makes absolute business sense but with so many variables involved how can you be sure you’re getting the right solution?

Inbound and outbound solutions

You can add automation for inbound and outbound contact whether you’re replacing an outdated system or updating or upgrading existing infrastructure. It may be a very simple solution on a single channel or a more complex one integrating several platforms. It might be to tackle the challenges posed by a new business requirement – we get asked a lot about products to help combat the effects of Universal Credit on contact centres in the housing sector for example (see case studies and rostrvm for Housing).

You may know what you want to do and have a list of planned actions already or you might have a blank canvas but either way you’ll want to find a solution that fits the criteria dictated by best practice and compliance.

Sitting down with people who are experienced in the technology concerned for an early discussion is important, especially as reaching your business goals in the contact centre has become more complex due to the increasing demands put on it by both market forces and mobile customers.

For example, giving the customer choice throws up all kinds of issues for businesses; top requests we’re helping clients with currently include how to integrate call and screen recording into the contact centre performance management system, being able to channel shift so customers can self-serve and using outbound SMS (text) to reach customers and speed up responses.

You’ll be reassured when you talk through your options and what benefits you might expect with experts. A decent supplier with a robust product will also be able to help you consider how a solution might evolve to accommodate possible business influences that may shape your contact centre requirements in the future.

Whatever your situation, issues like whether it’s on-site, in the cloud, greater flexibility, scalability, timescales, cost, and achieving  a decent return on investment can only really be addressed by making time for a proper discussion.

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