Next generation outbound contact, including dialler, SMS, email and IVM, will help improve your success rates and reach your customers and prospects cost-effectively and compliantly.

Inbound contact centres should make outbound contact

Outbound contact reduces inbound queues

Here are our top 5 reasons why inbound operations should make outbound contact.

No. 1. Adding outbound services will reduce your costs, increase efficiencies and improve your customers’ experience.
2. There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than being told they can’t be called back because the contact centre is unable to make outbound calls! We’ve all been there.
3. Outbound contact can be fully integrated with inbound channels so everything is visible. Intelligent performance management metrics will show you when to blend.
4. When you’re receiving high caller demand your IVR could be allowing queuing customers to leave their details so they can be called back when an advisor is free. It can also provide them with details on how to self-serve. This improves the mood all round!
5. Next generation diallers add value because they shoulder some of the workload, freeing up your agent resource and boosting productivity. IVM can be making useful announcements, appointment, payment and renewal reminders – from when to put out the bins, to health checks, to insurance cover etc! You can input different re-dial rules and make changes, depending on the type of campaign running, and have full control over where the resulting data gets sent. Diallers utilise concepts such as Precision Dialling across multiple channels, to ensure that your dialling strategies remain compliant, without negatively impacting contact rates.

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