It shouldn’t be a marathon for your customers to contact you … but it can feel like it all too often if your operation isn’t set up efficiently. Here are our top tips …

Inbound contact centre top tips

Delighting customers is all about using energy and movement in the right direction. Let your tech do the legwork …

  • Decrease queues with intelligent contact routing – ensure your customers get served by the best advisor to help them. Make other departments accessible as well, so contacts don’t have to redial to speak to someone else but can be transferred easily.
  • Reduce abandoned calls by channel shift – tackle phone queues by providing the information your customers need to self-serve. Also implement a call-back facility to transform immediate demand into deferred demand.
  • Set your outbound dialler to take the straininbound contact centres need to make outbound calls. Optimise staff resources and stay compliant by using your dialler more effectively. Talk to us about Precision Dialling, which uses intelligence gained about your contacts to set your dialler to call them at the right time.
  • Winners train and have mentors – all successful enterprises plan carefully and share ideas with experts in their field. High achievers also train to be the best they can be. When implementing contact centre tech or upgrading existing infrastructure you need to plan early, ensure you get the right support and train your staff to be confident in using it.


Contact centre marathon

On a lighter note, the warmer weather is coming and it’s the season for marathons. Rostrvm has some keen runners, including Adam Cohen and Sam Coombe, pictured. Adam has run the full Brighton Marathon before and is running the Fleet Half Marathon this month – agile people make agile software … good luck Adam!

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