Stretch contact centre resources

What differentiates rostrvm contact centre software is its FLEXIBILITY.

The reason this is important is that a ‘one size fits all’ product may provide a short-term answer but, as soon as your contact centre needs to change something, you’ll wish you had a robust, multi-functional solution.

How to ‘blend and stretch’ resources

rostrvm enables businesses to blend, cross over channels and provide a seamless service on-site or in the cloud and with a variety of commercial arrangements. It enables you to do much more with less resources – a case of ‘blend and stretch’ if ever you saw one.

Some of the business areas our customers use rostrvm for include:

• Customer Service – utilising sophisticated contact routing and handling strategies to make business services relevant and convenient.
• Co-ordinated multichannel campaigns – to solicit a response at every stage.
• Intelligent outbound dialler – to initiate relevant calls and texts. It reaches contacts at the right time and in the right way, with the right message. It’s great for Appointment Management – reduce the “no shows” and late appointment cancellations that cost time and money with automatic confirmations and reminders for gas boiler checks, repair visits, viewing appointments, etc.
• Managing Collections – to improve collection rates by engaging with contacts early and creating a dialogue from the outset.
• Process Management – support staff with desktop tools to ensure processes and procedures are followed and the right information is gathered. Record every contact with our Ofcom and ICO compliant platform. It reports on all contact to support recovery action, duty of care and other legal requirements.
• Management Information –tailored dashboards and reports that display what’s important, to make operational performance and business outcomes visible across the organisation as required.

rostrvm’s intuitive, user-friendly interfaces delight customers and staff alike.

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