At the recent Customer Contact EXPO in London, many people seemed to be stating the obvious – that today’s customers expect their dealings with contact centres to be easy.

Of course they do. Wanting suppliers to make things easy for us is not new or surprising – what is different is that the customer is expecting easy responses using multi-channel, personalised contact and many contact centres simply don’t have the right technology.

So, let’s look further at the challenge facing today’s contact centres: that of keeping up with the demands of customers who are using mobile phones, tablets etc. and who expect their dealings to be easy and fast regardless of the channel they’re using, the time of day, location etc.

Today’s customers want personalised, self-service options, which give them greater control over the process as well.

Unfortunately, if customers decide they haven’t received a good service, they are now more likely to go elsewhere because it’s easier than ever to swap suppliers. There is less loyalty to brands than there once was …

… All of which makes the task of keeping customers happy and still maintaining a profitable business a challenge indeed.

In a series of blogs we’ll look at how customers’ lives can be made easy using all areas of the contact centre, including Inbound, Outbound, Desktop Optimisation and Managing Performance.

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