Reach and delight customersContinuing our blogs on reaching and delighting customers, we focus on how you can improve their experience of your contact centre. Ken Reid, Director of Proposition and Product, has some ideas.

Optimise and rationalise
Ensure strengths are being optimised – use inbound skills-based routing to match the right advisor to the customer. This will enable you to give customers a more personal service and prevent them from having to be put on hold because you need information from others. Also, streamline all your apps using automated software so that your desktop is clutter-free and you don’t have to struggle through several screens to access information. It will make your life easier and your service to customers faster.

Outbound diallers and inbound service
Let an outbound dialler help with the workload. It can be calling your customers at the right time to catch them using Precision Dialling and either helping them to self-serve or presenting them to you as an inbound contact. This frees you up to focus on key tasks and work in the most productive way.

Train and retain
Proactively embrace training – customers will appreciate a confident and well-trained contact. That might be listening to call recordings to see how you can improve dialogue with a client, learning a new skill to enable you to help with multiple query types – or ensuring you’re confident when using your systems.

Involve and evolve
Customer service activity and performance reports should be made visible at the individual, team and corporate level in your contact centre, with detailed real-time and historical information displays. You should receive the information that’s appropriate to your role to help you develop and meet customers’ needs throughout the year.

Put these ideas into use and it will improve your customers’ experience of your contact centre. 

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