Happy new year

Happy new year

As we slide gently into a new decade we thoguth we would spend our first few posts of the year looking at what has happened in the past year and our view of the key issues in 2010.

Looking back…

2009 was an extraordinary year, against the backdrop of recession, the contact centre industry has had to face a stronger shift in customer expectations. They are demanding higher standards, a faster service and better value for money. Alongside this, contact centres are having to comply with tighter regulations relating to customer service, such as those dealing with abandoned, or silent, calls.

Customer expectations have risen and trying to meet them requires investment. Recession has meant that contact centres need to deliver more for less at a time when they are also having to deal with the impact of the growth of the internet and other electronic communications. 

In our next post we’ll give you our view of what 2010 holds for call centres, supporting business processes and technologies such as ACDs, Predictive Diallers, Task & Media Blending…


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