In order to address a gap in call centre industry knowledge, Rostrvm Solutions has published a guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful outbound campaign.

To ensure that call centres understand the dynamics of an outbound campaign, Building an outbound contact campaign – balancing productivity and effectiveness sees Rostrvm apply its own extensive industry experience to the issues surrounding outbound calling.

“Producing this guide was essential because there is still confusion about the fundamental differences in planning strategies between inbound and outbound campaigns remains widespread. An outbound campaign affords call centre managers a greater degree of control and with that comes important decisions that can greatly affect the success of a campaign. Fail to plan for these decisions in advance and you risk running an ineffective campaign,” warns Ken Reid, Marketing Director of Rostrvm Solutions.

The guide is intended to steer call centre managers, campaign managers, marketing and sales managers through the stringent regulations governing out-bound calls and to advise on the implementation of a successful campaign. The subjects covered tell readers everything they need to know to generate profitable results, including who, when and why to call, which agent should make which calls and what to do if the customer/prospect is not available.

“Outbound campaigns provide a great opportunity to optimise interaction with visitors to your website by following up a website visit with a phone call to provide further information, online conversion rates can increase by as much as 250%. But get these campaigns wrong and you risk damaging the brand reputation and breaking regulations set by Ofcom the guide will help call centre managers avoid these pitfalls and build successful, productive outbound campaigns,” adds Ken.

Organisations are increasingly making calls to welcome new customers, maximise staff utilisation by ensuring consumers are available for service engineer visits, follow up direct marketing campaigns and confirm repeat orders. Credit control is another effective application of proactive contact, when clients are called for debt collection.

Ken Reid explains, “At Rostrvm we have many years experience of outbound call centres and this guide is based on practical experience. By following the tips in our guide, call centres can make rapid progress towards their outbound call centre goals.”

To obtain a free copy of the guide, click here.