Whether you operate in the public or private sector, you will have been affected by one of the most talked about financial news of last year: the Government Spending Review. Many organisations tasked with delivering services with reduced budgets predict huge cutbacks. However, reduced budgets do not necessarily equal reduced services. Use these ideas to make whatever budget you have work even harder for you:

  • Explore innovative ways of acquiring technology more cheaply such as shared call centre services for councils or using a hosted service/flexible payment terms offered by your technology provider.
  • Eliminate hidden costs – avoidable calls cost money. This was a really good local government initiative a few years ago until it got sidelined. Ensure that you measure where you generate repeat calls and tackle it.
  • Invest in your most important resource: your staff. Fewer staff will result in remaining staff taking on more work. Plan for this and provide adequate training.
  • Don’t upgrade, just add what you need – is your ACD working fine but require additional functionality in your call centre? Rather than upgrading your current telephony platform to achieve greater functionality, consider add-ons such as a queue management facility or call recording to increase functionality but at the fraction of the cost of upgrading.