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Outbound contact

Making outbound contact using our rostrvm dialler, SMS, email and IVM will help improve your success rates and reach your customers and prospects cost-effectively now, next year – and in the future.

We’ve put over 30 years’ experience into our outbound contact software, to provide you with next generation features which are user-friendly for staff and engage effectively with people.

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Our powerful outbound software enables you to use Precision Dialling across multiple channels, using voice, SMS, email and IVM to reach customers and prospects. It will ensure you remain compliant, without negatively impacting contact rates. At the same time, it supports your staff in being as productive as possible, in a consistent manner and using best practice.

You can choose to deploy our dialler on-site or in the cloud. It will help you stretch resources by shouldering some of the workload in areas like sales, making appointments, delivering reminders or self-service links for your website. Your staff can then focus on key tasks and gains can be substantial.

Our outbound dialler applies structure to campaigns using advanced data and process management features, including list filters, dialling rules and call times. It’s straightforward to set up and you can change campaigns and messages whenever you want.

Engage with contacts and stay in touch with rostrvm outbound:

  • Provides flexibility and supports predictive dialling, progressive dialling and preview dialling modes.
  • Uses advanced dialling algorithms in association with real-time information to optimise outbound activity.
  • Targets your campaigns and contacts with Precision Dialling, building customer contact rates and business conversions.
  • Makes the right contact in the right way, at the right time with telephone calls, text messages (SMS) and emails. Provides rejected call outcomes.
  • Ensures you keep your promises to call back.
  • Responds to ‘call me‘ and web form requests proactively.
  • Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) optimises effectiveness by delivering live contacts to your agents.
  • Improves conversion rates and customer satisfaction by using intelligent dialling to get your most appropriate people talking to your customers and prospects.
  • Enables you to measure the business benefits as well as operational performance.
  • Provides real-time and historical stats to allow you to gauge contact centre performance and optimise agent productivity with blending. Switch people to other tasks to smooth out peaks and troughs in contact traffic volumes.
  • Meets Ofcom, Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance, as well as EU directives on nuisance calls and distance selling.

Rostrvm Solutions is a British software company and our outbound dialler is part of our full-spectrum delivery contact centre platform, which can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. Our robust suite of contact centre applications can overlay your existing systems and work with them to provide what you need now – and going forward. They’re resilient, secure, compliant and versatile.

See us in action and go ‘wow’!

For further information call us on: 01483 494 690, or email enquiries@rostrvm.com


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