Integrating rostrvm contact centre system with CRM

Integrating a contact centre system with CRM

rostrvm contact centre system integrates with CRM tech like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, so you can provide an effective, informed customer service.

Our reliable contact centre system with bi-directional CRM integration enables you and your customers to communicate well on any channel.

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Leveraging data from CRM tech has become increasingly important to help contact centres understand more about their customers and provide better service.

To make relevant data available seamlessly at the time of contact with customers, rostrvm integrates with leading CRM platforms like MS Dynamics and Salesforce. It provides users with a single view of all the individual customer’s interactions omnichannel. Data can be viewed in one place to help advisors respond in an appropriate and proactive way.

Top Q’s and A’s on benefits and features

Q: How can an integrated contact centre system with CRM provide a better inbound service?
A: An integrated CRM solution can reduce inbound queues by routing individual contacts automatically to the best advisor. This is based on the contact’s data record and your organisation’s rules, such as advisor skills, availability etc. Information about the contact will pop up on the screen before they answer, so they have knowledge to respond efficiently and personalise the response.
Q: How will the system enable faster wrap-up and quality control?
A: CRM integration with the contact centre system allows voice and digital data to be captured automatically in the customer record. This includes adding automatic triggers of follow-up tasks to be done.
Q: Can rostrvm help with outbound requirements?
A: rostrvm works with the CRM to automate outbound activities. It enables you to conduct structured campaigns for everything from customer service communications like appointment reminders, renewals and collections – to compliant sales initiatives.
Q: Will contact centre system integration with my CRM be complicated?
A: No, rostrvm offers enterprise-grade integration that is fast and easy to deploy and ensures ROI.

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